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Wildernest is participating to Urban Crafts!

Urban crafts promotes and brings together the next generation of innovative makers. There is a great selection of crafters with incredible and original projects to follow closely!

If you like our craft, we would really appreciate it if you give us your VOTE!

BIG thanks to all!

Craving for a sweet escape?

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Ever feel like you need a short getaway from the city?

Come and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere on the countryside, just 23km away from Brussels. Have a nice walk in the forest and a hot cacao drink next to the fireplace as from today!

We’re so happy to welcome you to our Tiny House. It is now available on Airbnb and

Airbnb link: link:

It took us a little while to find that perfect place that would enhance the Tiny House and where guest (and ourselves) could enjoy reconnecting with nature, relaxing, and easy to access.

Can’t wait to hear your experience “into the wild” 🙂


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These past few weeks have been loaded!

We have been working intensively on our upcoming projects! In just a few days, you will be able to rent our Tiny House for a unique experience 😉 Having guests spending time in our first Wildernest means a lot to us. We can’t wait to her your feedback, acknowledge your comments to make your stay even better.
Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page:
We’re looking forward to welcome you soon!

On the spot!

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We couldn’t be happier of people’s reaction to this project. It means a lot to us to share this experience. How amazing that Belgians show interest in this new way of living. As time goes by, we develop new skills and ideas for the upcoming Wildernest Tiny House, and that is thanks to our friends and people who support us and want to push this concept to the next level 😉

We are lucky to feature in this month’s cover magazine of Deuzio!


First TV appearance!

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Last night, WILDERNEST was on national television!

Click on the following link and learn more about who we are and what we do.

Take a deep breath

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There’s always that time of the day where you just need to take a deep breath and have a 5min break.

Or, you can just sit there, enjoy the calm without having any particular reasons. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, only good thoughts and initiatives can come out of you!

Take a peek inside our Tiny House and tell us what you feel!

That happy feeling…

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The weekend is over, but we couldn’t be happier about the nice time we had! People’s enthusiasm was overwhelming and we’re grateful that everything went well. We got to meet interesting people, introduce our Tiny House to all our friends and family. Every conversation was filled with new ideas and tips that we can use for the next Tiny Houses. It was great to talk to so many people and listen to their advices and share thoughts about new working methods or even unusual accommodations! We weren’t expecting so many demands for building new Tiny Houses. Many, many ideas are boiling in our heads now… stay posted for the next news!

Say Hi to Wildernest!

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Here we are! On time, ready and extremely happy.
We had some issues finding the right spot for our Tiny House; weather is awful and the rain has made the grass almost inaccessible to drive in. We got stuck in the mud and thought we’d never be able to move again, but thankfully we managed to place it in a stable corner.
We have lit a fire and arranged the interior so that guests could instantly feel the warm atmosphere when they enter.
Please, feel free to pay us a visit at Les Jardins d’Aywiers, we’ll be happy to meet you and show you around 😉

Hit the Road!

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This is unbelievable!! The Tiny House has just left Taïga’s workshop to be on the set for tomorrow’s event. The feeling to see it on the road is indescribable. We’re all exhausted but our level of excitement is over the top… which makes a wired cocktail of mixed emotions: laughs, constant yawning and hyper activeness. Time to go home, get some rest and be ready to introduce our baby at Les Jardins d’Aywiers 🙂

One day to go!

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In less than 24 hours, we’ll be taking this Tiny House out of Taïga’s workshop. We’re very excited to see how big the transformation is becoming. Now, it really does look like a house and every hour, something new appears. The main goal today is to finish the roof, which takes a long time because we have to place each wooden tile individually and in the proper way to make sure no infiltration appears when it rains.
The tension is palpable here; we’re all moving around and working like machines, classical music is playing in the background and we’re slowly realizing how close we are to the final result.