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Long night, no sleep… time is ticking

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It’s been a few days now that we started giving up our cosy nights to make sure the Tiny House will be ready for the 1st of May! Last night, we all stayed up to gain some time and try to get ahead of the agenda. However,we are facing some technical difficulties as some materials might not arrive on the due date… but we’re not going to give up yet! Today, we stay positive, not forgetting to enjoy every step of this wonderful adventure and we’ll see what happens.

The First Challenge…

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It’s official! We’ll be launching the Tiny House at Les Jardins d’Aywiers,a fantastic garden event that takes place twice a year in Belgium. Every nature lover will be there… and so do we! However, the event starts on the 1st of May; that means we’ve got less than a month ahead. It’s time to speed up and face our first challenge! Let’s put the music louder, warm up our muscles and grab the sharpest tool in the box 😉
Stay tuned folks!

Work in progress

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It’s been almost a month since we started building our first Tiny House!
In just four weeks, we got to learn so many things about wood constructions. Taïga is being a great teacher and a perfect guide through the building process, which makes it much more fun! We are all in this together and it’s fantastic to share each others’ strength. Everyone is assigned to do what they know best, and the result is looking good 😉

Pick your wood!

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Everyday is a new challenge. Thankfully, raising questions usually leads to learning.

Which wood would be best? Which wood would be the lightest? The strongest? The prettiest? The not-too-expensive one? … in those moments, we find it crucial to be well surrounded, knowing we can count on good people that will always give us the wiser advice and help us find the right answer.

After all these questions, we did find the wood we were looking for 😉 Red Cedar !

Red Cedar is a great wood specie. It’s easy to work, it is strong, ages well and smells incredible!


Meet the team!

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We’re exited to gather here every morning, with a cup of tea and imagine what the final result will be!

There are always new ideas coming up; it’s a fantastic journey for creativity 😉

Stay posted to what comes next!

Welcome to Wildernest!

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Day 1: Our trailer has arrived at Taïga’s workshop!

The entire team is here to brainstorm our building process.

Being the entire support of our Tiny House, it was important to choose the right one for our trailer. This one is 6m long and 2,20m wide, which will offer a spacious 18 m2 in total.

Looking forward to get started;)