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Home is where you park it

Wildernest, first custom tiny house
builder in Belgium

Your way
back to basics

Wildernest is the first Tiny House supplier in Belgium.

Wildernest builds custom tiny houses on wheels. For us, each client is as unique as our tiny homes. Our specialized architects will guide you through the entire process; from imagining, designing and building the tiny house of your dreams. Our team is composed of highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about their work. Our providers are based in Belgium. We aim to work with local material. Durable, sustainable & ethical.

Because every dream is unique, we design and build customized Tiny Houses that meet your expectations. Quality, durability, innovation and practicality are our main concerns. 

Nomadic & ecological

Easily move your Tiny House to a more profitable area with its towing system. Living with less, means moving towards a future with reduced environmental impact.

100% Taylor made

Our taylor-made Tiny Houses are designed from 3D digital plans. Our team of professionals will leads the way to design your project and offer you a suitable quote.

Multiple uses

A return on investment faster than any property available on the market. For individuals, it’s the perfect way to start a new project or to rent it in your garden. Possibilities are limitless.


Solar energy

Rain collect

  • Water collector
  • Water filtering
  • Water tank
  • Natural energy


  • Recycled wool
  • Local wood
  • Water recycling
  • Waist recycling

We build your
Tiny House

It’s not how big the house is; it’s how happy the home is.

Every design is possible, so feel free to dream big! It’s our job to make it real. We have built tiny homes, food trucks, showrooms and even a sewing workshop on wheels… One of our tiny houses has already covered more than 100.000 kilometers on the road… No challenge is too big for our highly skilled team.

A few of our most favorite work

Tiny House Patagonia

Tiny House Nomad Wine

Tiny House Joséphine

Tiny House Niko – Closet Concept

Tiny House Niko – Spaced Concept

Tiny House Ten Berghe

Your life, reinvented

“Wildernest Tiny House Belgium provide the flexibility of the craftsman, the efficiency of the industrialist, the project management of the architect. All made in Belgium!”

Jack Saebyeog-SunCustomer

“A team of enthusiasts who offered us a custom Tiny House with local materials. Everything was done on time and within our budget. Thank you Wildernest!”

Cédric De BruynCustomer

a nomadic life

a nomadic life

a nomadic life

a nomadic life

a nomadic life

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

awaits you

We would be very happy to meet you

Contact our team and come visit our workshop.
We would be very happy to meet you and share ideas about your project.

Call us at +32 474 930 906 or leave us a message at

34B Rue de Lusambo
1190 Forest.

Mail :

Tel : +32 474 930 906

TVA : BE 0 656 844 606