It’s not how big the house is; it’s how happy the home is.

Having: freedom, nature, and simplicity as main pillars, we advocate the act of “less is more” to truly enjoy the simple things in the most beautiful spots in Belgium and in Europe.

We support today’s actions to preserve nature by promoting unique experiences through an original and amusing way.

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Wildernest is our way back to basic

Tom de Dorlodot

Adventurer & Professional Paraglider Pilot

Who better to promote a nomadic lifestyle than a professional paraglider pilot traveling around the world in search of the best flying spots to fly paragliding? Tom is an accomplished athlete who led multiple paragliding expeditions. He took part, 5 times, in the biggest (and toughest) paragliding competition, Red Bull X-Alps and is known for his long bivouac flights and high altitude records across New Zealand, Karakoram and Pyrenees. Tom has been flying in more than 60 countries around the world, including: Pakistan, Mali, Brazil and French Polynesia.
Apart from being an adventure addict, Tom is a nature enthusiast. Home is wherever nature is so why not take it with you 😉

Sofia Pineiro

Community Manager

Sofia is the Community Manager of Wildernest.
She has been a globetrotter since her early years. Living from one country to another, such as: Argentina, Paraguay, Belgium and Morocco, she grew up in a multicultural environment, learning different languages and embracing other cultures. She moved back to Belgium in 2010 where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Communications. Also fascinated by the performing arts, Sofia got a two years experience in one of Belgium's best acting schools. She loves travelling to foreign countries and enjoys working with people from the most diverse backgrounds. She greatly represents Wildernest’s values with her love of nature and outdoor life.

Charles Lambrechts


Charly is our brain guy. He takes care of logistics and coordinates every technical and legal aspect of Wildernest. Graduated from the Free University of Brussels (VUB), Charly moved to Boston, where he obtained his Master’s Degree at Bentley College. On his return to Belgium, he founded several companies like Lambeve (social housing promotion) and Working Attitude (renovation and construction services). Charly is a passionate entrepreneur who embraces challenge and supports, vigorously, ecofriendly building design and construction. On his spare time, Charly loves to read books about the Crusades, cook, and hang out with Watson.

Emile De Dryver


Emile is Wildernest’s head architect. Determined to combine his passion to his dreams, he graduated from the ULB Architecture Faculty: La Cambre Horta in 2018.

While gaining considerable professional experience during his studies, Emile fell in love with the Tiny House concept and its balanced mobility-housing mix. He even decided to write his thesis on it in order to acquire additional knowledge on the subject.

Emile joined Wildernest team in 2016 and has been there ever since. Constantly searching for new challenges, his capacity for empathy makes him ceaselessly working in order to best match a Tiny with a client’s dreams.

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