Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the different steps to start the building process?

First, we suggest you book an appointment with our team. You will meet with our architect and project manager. After discussing your Tiny House project, we will advise you on the right model. From the moment you sign your order, a 40% down payment will be asked. The Tiny House takes approximately 90 days to build.

How much does it cost to build your Tiny House?

Depending on your Tiny House project and the materials you will use, the price can vary between 30.000€ to 65.000€.

How do I know which Tiny House suits me?

Have a look at our three Tiny House models. You will surely find what concept applies best to your project.

Can we make any additional changes on the original models you provide?

Yes, you can make some changes, but it will mostly be in the details. An extra cost can be asked for some modifications.

Can I build a 100% customize Tiny House?

Of course! Just contact us and book your appointment. We will he happy to meet you and discuss your project.

Is it possible to live in a Tiny House?

It’s the dream! Living in a Tiny proves how less we need and how good it feels to be connected with nature. You’ll enjoy living with the essentials and appreciate the simple things in life.



Is the Tiny House available for rental?

Absolutely! You can rent the Tiny House directly through us. Write us an email to the following address: or book your stay on Airbnb or Booking.
If you decide to book directly with us, we offer you a 10% discount.

What is the price for one night?

The price is 150€ / night for 2 people.

Can I bring children and/or pets?

Although we are baby-friendly, the Tiny House is ideal for 2 adults and has not yet been baby proofed. You can bring your baby, but it will be your responsibility to keep an eye on sharp edges and watch for the stairs! Regarding pets, we love animals! You can bring your dog as long as he respects the house and doesn’t cause any material damage

What is the check in and check out time?

Although we are very flexible with check in and check out hours, we prefer to welcome you as from 6PM. Check out is at noon the next day. However, the best would be to settle your arrival/departure time with our team.

Where is the Tiny House located?

The Tiny is located in Vieusart, next to Chaumont-Gistoux (Exit 9 on the E411), about 20 minutes away from Brussels.

Do we need to provide anything for our stay?

The Tiny House is connected to electricity and we provide you with water. The kitchen has everything you need (except for an oven) if you wish to cook your meals. We arrange the bed with sheets so there’s no need for you to bring your own. There is a dry toilette on the back of the cabin but no shower. In addition, the Tiny has a wood stove for cold days, and we provide you with lugs as well.